November 10th & 11th, 2018

Red Bull Kumite

The Red Bull Kumite is back for its 4th edition. Who will succeed Bonchan from Japan (2015), Infiltration from South Korea (2016), and Nemo from Japan (2017)? Red Bull Kumite is staging a showdown among 16 of the most prestigious Street Fighter V – Arcade Edition players in the world. 14 of these players will be invited. The ultimate battle for the final 2 places will be merciless in the famous Last Chance Qualifier... On Saturday November 10th, 256 players will face off in one big tournament to decide the 2 fighters who will make it to the Red Bull Kumite Main Event.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the event now taking place in November ?

This date was the result of several discussions and appeared as an evidence for everyone involved (Red Bull, Capcom, the FGC) to get a better timing with the release of the new Street Fighter V’s season update every years.

Will the format be the same ?

Yes. The Last Chance Qualifier will occur on Saturday, November 10th. It will feature 256 players. The 2 finalists of this tournament will be awarded their slot within the cage for the Main Event, on Sunday, November 11th.

What are the Red Bull Kumite World Qualifiers ?

8 countries asked to be part of the Red Bull Kumite adventure. The countries listed in the announcement will organize their own Qualifier. The winner will be offered his ticket to Paris, and will compete in the Last Chance Qualifier as seeded players.

When will these World Qualifier take place ?

The dates will be announced by the begining of June, and listed here.

Are there other ways to participate in the Last Chance Qualifier ?

There will be other ways to qualify to this event, just as every year, online & offline. The ticketing system will still be available.

Can you tell us who will be invited to the Main Event ?

Players announcement will start in September.

When will you open the ticketing for the participants and the spectators ?

More information soon! Stay tuned.