Edition 2015

Did you miss the first Red Bull Kumite last year?

Described by some as "The Best Street Fighter IV event they had ever seen", the first edition of Red Bull Kumite took place on March 28th 2015 at the Salle Wagram, the famous boxing arena in Paris, France.

In a ring surrounded by a steel cage, some of the best Street Fighter players in the World fought for this new prestigious title. In the morning, French players Cuongster and Gagapa got through the Open Qualifier Tournament to join the fourteen superstars in the Main Event of the Red Bull Kumite.
Coming from four different continents and seven countries, the champions fought in the double elimination bracket of this cruel competition: only one man could win and no mistake was allowed. The crowd went wild as one by one the padlocks protecting the grand prize were opened with the keys given to the players at the beginning of the Red Bull Kumite.

We will never forget the rivalry between Bonchan & Tokido culminating with the now legendary “I body You” Speech from the “MurderFace” as they met for the second time. In the end Bonchan came back to win it all after dominating the Loser Bracket, forging his legacy as a Sagat God for years to come.

2016 Edition

2016 Edition