Live Stream Information!

May 24, 2017

Red Bull Kumite is coming very soon, and if you didn’t have the chance to register for the tourney or to get a ticket to watch the event at the venue, you will still be able to watch it on the Internet from the comfort of you home, thanks to our free HD live stream available in 6 languages!

See You on May 27th & 28th for a crazy week-end of Street Fighter V!


Many languages are available (French, English, Japanese, Chinese…) at:

http ://

Open Qualifier 2017

11AM – 1.30PM: Pools A to H matches of the tournament.

1.30PM – 4PM: Pools I to P matches of the tournament.

4PM – 4.15PM: Break-time.

4.15PM – 6PM: Top 32 to Top 16 matches.

6PM – 10PM: Top 16 to end of tournament matches.

10PM – 00AM : Salty Suite (new!)

Red Bull Kumite 2017

2.10PM – 2.35PM: Opening Ceremony.

2.35PM – 5.30PM: Top 16 to Top 12 matches.

5.30PM – 5.50PM: Combo Contest.

5.50PM – 8PM: Top 12 to Top 4 matches.

8PM – 10PM: Top 4 to Grand Finale matches.

ive stream schedule with all the time zones:

http ://

Trailer of Red Bull Kumite 2017:

https ://