What is Red Bull Kumite?

Red Bull Kumite is a professional competition that involves the most prestigious fighting games players in the world... After a successful run in 2015 and 2016, Red Bull Kumite will take place again on May 28, 2016 at Salle Wagram in Paris! 16 undeniably talented champions coming from all four corners of the world will meet and fight on one of the greatest video games titles of the year: Street Fighter V. Last year, Bonchan, the outsider, had distinguished himself by mastering Sagat and had won the trophy against great names such as Tokido, Daigo or Luffy. Red Bull Kumite matches are fought in a cage worth the most impressive ultimate fighting rings and will be broadcasted live on in French, English and Japanese.

Versus fighting and its community

Fighting games, also known as "Versus fighting", benefit from a very active community in France. The general public is very interested in this very popular video game, particularly eSport scenes where many French champions with a very high media profile, such as Luffy (the world champion in 2014) or Alioune (the best French player on Street Fighter V), appeared several times. With Versus fighting, the competitors fight against each other through various types of characters, each one having his own fighting style. Using its own language and words, Versus fighting requires rigor, technique and concentration for anyone who wishes to become a champion.

Street Fighter, an inescapable saga

As part of a series of core games, Street Fighter is the mythical Versus fighting franchise with no less than 24 original titles together with as many conversions or crossovers, such as Marvel vs. Capcom. This saga became successful in 1991, with the release of Street Fighter II, a varied and innovating gameplay at the time. By the end of the years 2000, Street Fighter IV started a new golden age for the franchise as tournaments gained momentum, boosted by the possibilities of live broadcasting and by the players' professionalization.
In 2016, Street Fighter V is confirming the series' orientation towards eSport, with a reworked and balanced gameplay, which however remains technical. The players have understood the challenge and figures explode on the streams across the world.

The Players


Infiltration (SOUTH KOREA)


PHENOM (Norway)

XYZZY (South Korea)

Luffy (France)

Nemo (Japan)

Bonchan (Japan)





RB (Taïwan)

PR Balrog (USA)

Xiao Hai (China)

Tokido (Japan)


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Press contact:

Margaux Proust - Agence Warning Up

Tel: +33(0)

Useful information:

Venue: Salle Wagram 39-41 Avenue de Wagram, 75017 Paris


- Ternes station: Tube line 2

- Charles de Gaulle Etoile station: Tube line 1, 2, 6 and RER A


Saturday, May 27nd, 2016: qualifying tournament

11:00am – 11:00pm

Sunday May 28th, 2016: Red Bull Kumite

2:00pm – 10:00pm